Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gardening Stuff

The concept of kitchen garden is about getting fresh and chemical free vegetables. If not all kitchen needs, at least fresh herbs and salad can be grown in little space we get these days in modern apartment system. If your Kitchen window is directly exposed to the Sunlight, then its best to get some of the fresh herbs and salads directly from there. Otherwise you can place your plants in any of the balcony which get some or more Sunlight.


Coriander: Feb/March is the best time to sow coriander, make sure that there is enough space for seedlings to breathe & sow them half inch deep. Coriander is  one of the most popular Indian herb which can be used for adding flavor in almost all dishes.

Spicy green sauce/chutney recipe : Coriander, green chilly, lemon, 1 garlic clove, salt & little water. Grind in mixer grinder, and its ready to serve. Preferred with grilled chicken & fish etc.

Mint: It can be planted in spring & should be sow 2 inches deep. It needs sunshine & water. It can be used for garnishing on the food, beverages & sauce. It gives high fragrance and refreshing taste.

Mint sauce recipe : Mint, green chilly, tomato ( raw mango can be replaced with tomato ), salt & little water. Grind in mixer grinder, and its ready to serve.

Basil: This can also be sow in Feb/March, it needs good space once seedlings are little grown up. It can also be used for adding flavor to salad, pasta & in curry.

Basil can also be used tea, which helps in recovery of cough and cold. In India people call it holy basil and keep a plant in their yard or balcony and keep it in their daily prayers.

Parsley: This can also be sow in Feb/March and can be enjoyed in summers. Parsley can used in Pasta, Salad & Fish for garnishing.

Curry Leaves ( Kadi Patta ): Since its a plant and not seasonable, Curry leave plant can be kept in a big pot and you can use it through out the year for your sauces. In the next section, I will put the details related to some of the famous and delicious Indian green sauces. :-)

Curry Leaves & Groundnuts sauce recipe : Groundnuts, a little green chilly or two, a clove of garlic, salt, (optional Either mint or coriander ), a small piece of fresh coconut & little water. Grind in mixer grinder.
Now you have to do what is called Chaunk.

Put some oil in frying pen, mustard seeks, few curry leaves and put the mixture in it. and your tasty sauce is ready to serve.

Salad for Sandwich


Lettuce: Iceberg lettuce is a cool weather crop. I sow my iceberg lettuce in December here in India and by February there were plenty of lettuce which I could not consume in my sandwiches, so had to give it to my neighbors and friends. :-)

Cabbage: cabbage is easy to grow from seed. Sow seeds indoors, 1/4 inch deep and 6+ inches apart in rows 1 to 2 feet apart. Season for cabbage is mid-January or February in the South and in March in the North.

Cucumber: Cucumbers are 95 percent water, which keeps the body hydrated. It also helps the body to eliminate toxins and its skin also contains  vitamin C.

Tomato: Tomato plants can grow almost anywhere. It needs adequate sunlight and water.

Please watch the space for more of Indian sauces.....